Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New lolita dress and BSSB Paris

Hi ho! 

Long time no see! I'm not good at social networking, it seems...(=^w^=) 

But, enough small talk, here is my new lolita dress, bought in October. I found it cute, and kinda reminds me of the universe of Alice in Wonderland, because of the features on it. Here is the picture. 

I also went to Paris with a friend recently, in order to go to the BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT shop located in Paris. This place is really cute, and there are so much beautiful products! (=<3w<3=) 
But, unfortunately, it's too expensive for me for the moment. (=ù w ù=) 
But it was great going there, just to see! The shopkeeper was very kind. 

After seeing the shop, we went to a very little shop called Princess crepes. It's really cute in there, and there is a poster of Midori Fukasawa, my favorite sweet lolita fashion model, on the wall. The shop window is heart shaped, it's really cute. The shopkeepers are Japanese and are wearing maid dresses. The food concept is really fun here. You chose whatever you want (according to the list available) to put in your crepe, for example strawberry and whipped cream, and you eat it within a paper cone, with a plastic spoon. And when you have eaten what's in, you eat the crepe. It's very delicious! (=*w*=) People who pass near the shop take photos of it, because it's really cute. 

                                            BSSB Paris:
                                           Princess crepe shop:

Monday, 14 January 2013

First message of the year 2013!

Hi oh!

It has been a long long loooong time!(^O^) Because we are still in January, I wish you an Happy New Year! (^O^)/
I recently own a new lolita dress, and new shoes. Here they are : 

Today in the morning, I took some pictures. However, because I was alone taking them, it was a little difficult to have good ones. I will make other photos when someone could help me take better ones!(=^w^=)/

For the last one, it was pretty fun to use the timer option! (^O^) I hadn't much time, so it's no good (^O^)

Ah, and I recently bought this pendant, I though it was cute: 

Its arms and legs move. When I was little, I had a pendent like that, but it was a little harlequin.

And to finish...A picture of Xiao Xiong (Little bear), my little mascot! It's a puppet teddy bear. I'm still a child, I think...(^O^)