Monday, 14 January 2013

First message of the year 2013!

Hi oh!

It has been a long long loooong time!(^O^) Because we are still in January, I wish you an Happy New Year! (^O^)/
I recently own a new lolita dress, and new shoes. Here they are : 

Today in the morning, I took some pictures. However, because I was alone taking them, it was a little difficult to have good ones. I will make other photos when someone could help me take better ones!(=^w^=)/

For the last one, it was pretty fun to use the timer option! (^O^) I hadn't much time, so it's no good (^O^)

Ah, and I recently bought this pendant, I though it was cute: 

Its arms and legs move. When I was little, I had a pendent like that, but it was a little harlequin.

And to finish...A picture of Xiao Xiong (Little bear), my little mascot! It's a puppet teddy bear. I'm still a child, I think...(^O^)

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