Saturday, 1 March 2014

First Pullip!

Hi ho! 

Today in the morning I received my first Pullip! o(=^w^=)o 

I'm so glad about that, and I was surprised it was that tall. On pictures, even if we can see the size, it's not the same thing. The Pullip is Midori Fukasawa, who is a model in Japanese fashion magazines, like KERA and Gothic and Lolita Bible. But I want to give her her own name, but I'm still hesitating between several of them : 
_Alicia (in reference to Alice in Wonderland, who is the Disney's character I prefer, with Pocahontas, Esmeralda and Mulan. They are not princesses, but when I was a child, I though they were strong. But I'm over the subject (^o^) ) , Artemisia and LĂ©anne. 

I took some pictures, here they are : 

She is a shy lolita, I guess... It makes her a little more cute (^.^)

She finally decided to say hi. 

Sunny, my lolita mascot, have already adopted her, it seems! (^o^)

Oh, I almost forgot. I even cut myself with the package...I'm too clumsy! (>.<)~

Meeting with Winne-kun! (It was just in order to compare high, but I though it was fun (^.^) )

Already ready to make cakes! 

See ya! (^.')

To talk about another lolita thing, I recently bought little socks for my new lolitas shoes. I need to go to the store and by some ribbon and lace in order to customize it. And also buy ribbon for my mini-hat I made a long time ago. And also ribbon and lace to make bracelets. When it will be done, I think I'll put some pictures here. Here are the shoes : 

Have a good day, kupo! 

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