Monday, 2 April 2012



I really like to look at dawn every morning I'm in the train to go to University. o(=^w^=)o Especially when the sky is like a painting, like this morning. Soft colors, clouds, nature which is sleeping, it warms my heart.
 I also wish good things to people I love with all my heart. Maybe it's childish, but I don't care! I think people, even separated from a distance, can be connected thanks to the sky. We have the same one, isn't it? So, this way I can be everywhere I want with people I miss, and I feel good all the day because I don't feel alone o(^_^)o

Too bad there is a reflect, but this photo was taken by phone, so...o(^_^)o 
Anyway, what's wrong with me today!? I think to much! o(^O^)o Let's change subject! 

This week, between studying for exams taking place in the next two weeks, I think I'll do some decoration on my phone. But it's dark colored, so I'll have to think of which way I will turn it in a lolita way. I want to place on it some blue and white sweets made with FIMO. So, wait and see!o(^_')o

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