Thursday, 26 April 2012

Here again!

Hi oh!

After having problems with my computer, I finally come back!(^_^)/

 So! I told you I will make some accessory, so there it is. It's a cat pendant made with FIMO. I used a model to do it, because I'm not very skilled yet...

Next I think I'll make a balloon shaped pendant, to fit with my sweet lolita dress. And I must do some decoration on my phone too, I'm still searching for ideas (^O^)

Last Sunday I had a walk with my dog and family in a park near my grandma's home. I took some photos, I really like this place. Refreshing and quiet!(=^w^=) I'm still surprised that in a middle of a city, you can be so far from noise even though it's pretty close! I'm not very understandable, here, nah?(^O^)

 I really like this place. I think this two trees near each other are cute some way, but there is too much ivy on it, they must be sick...The little bridge in the background make this photo a lovely place, but I didn't noticed that there was a walker (^o^) Water looks like a mirror.

Here is my "Tree Friend"!(^O^) It's located near my grandma's home. 
I really love this tree. I don't know why, but every time I come home walking, I look at it with respect! It seems really old, isn't it?!(^O^)  I don't know why. I just feel happy and quiet when I look at it. I think it's the most beautiful tree! That's all!(^O^) How can we be linked to things this way? I wonder...Pretty strange, isn't it?It's just a tree! But, it has something special that I really like...Some aura which makes it unique. I wish it will stay here for a long time, that nobody will harm it or remove it from here...(^_^)

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