Friday, 11 May 2012


Hi oh!


It's a pretty city! The city center is very interesting, there are a lot of ancient buildings. There are gorgeous houses too! People fill streets, doing shopping or walking. It couldn't resist to take photos!o(=^w^=)o There is a wonderful cathedral. Weather is pretty good, so it's very pleasant! o(^.^)o

I'm also filled with happiness because I'm with my best friend and friend! They are adorable with me! 
o(>.<)o<3 I really enjoy myself during this break before the second session of exams in June. So refreshing! o(=^w^=)/

Strasbourg's cathedral is very impressive and wonderful. The sunset was just perfect to take these photos! :

I like taking photo of weird places or things...I don't know why...It's like founding some treasure, I think! o(^o^)o I like taking photos of places or things that nobody would notice at first time. I thought it was a pretty view. A little strange but kinda beautiful and poetic.o(^.^)o

Fortune cookie time yesterday! It was really fun to open it to see what was in the cookie!o(=^w^=)o

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you."I wonder what it could be... Some good thing, I hope!!o(^O^)o

A kind of lemonade. It tasted my favorite fruit : peach! Refreshing and sweet!o(*_*)o

That's all for the trip report! o(^O^)o I think I will put here some other photos these next days. Have a nice day!o(=^w^=)o

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